Whole-Person Mindset Training

“If you aren’t training, the World is training you”

Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine

What do you think of when I use the term “training”? To most people I talk to they think of training in one dimensional terms. Training Jiu Jitsu or job related training. Some people who are participating in a physical event will use the term training, but most people I know call it “working out” when they are doing something physical.

At Win In Your Mind Coaching our training has taught us to look at training from a multi-dimensional perspective. We train and coach our clients to train on what Mark Divine in his best selling books calls “The 5 Mountains”.

We train these 5 Mountains in an integrated fashion which means when we are training one we are often times training multiple mountains at the same time. Training the 5 mountains in this way allows us to develop as a “whole-person” and live out our full potential.

The 5 Mountains are:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Intuitional
  5. Spiritual

Let’s take a deeper dive into each.

Physical Mountain

The Physical Mountain is where most people, including myself, spend the most time training. It’s easier to see results on the Physical Mountain, and results usually come quicker here than on the others. In my opinion, it’s also the mountain where we see the most integrated training. More on that in a minute.

For now, let’s talk about what the physical mountain includes. It obviously includes physically training the body. We focus on functional training which builds strength, stamina, work capacity, endurance, and durability. Training this way builds self-esteem and confidence, and allows us to show up for ourselves, our families, and our teams, and be ready for any challenge we face day-to-day.

The Physical Mountain also includes nutrition, sleep, hydration, and breathing. We spend time planning and tweaking these areas so we are always operating in peak physical condition.

Mental Mountain

The Mental Mountain is learning new things and mastering new skills. There is no shortage of ways to learn new things in today’s world. Books are obvious but there are hundreds of thousands of online classes and courses on the Internet on just about any topic you can image. Not to mention the free content on YouTube.

My mother who is retired came by my house the other day on the way to take her dogs to the groomer. I told her should learn how to groom them, and sure enough there are courses on Udemy.com that teach dog grooming.

Training the Mental Mountain also includes mental control, concentration, reprogramming the subconscious, and practicing Mental Toughness. We coach our clients to train these skills through a Box Breathing practice (sign up for a free course on the sidebar) and through our Big 4 of Mental Toughness Webinar.

Emotional Mountain

The Emotional Mountain is generally where people have the most trouble. Let’s face it, we humans are emotional creatures and emotions run the gamut. Fear, anger, doubt, jealousy! These things can hold us back and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Training the Emotional Mountain is about understanding our great emotional power, harnessing it, and controlling it. We coach our clients through a process of feeling into the negative emotions and transmuting them into their more productive counterparts. Using this process we begin developing self-esteem, confidence, and emotional resilience so we can face our biggest challenges head-on.

Intuitional Mountain

The Intuitional Mountain can be a little confusing to some and hard to train but it pays huge benefits. Training this mountain is about increasing our awareness and learning to listen to our gut. If you’ve ever had that gut feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something and it turned out to be right that is what we are talking about here.


I am proud to say that I am a Christian but I am not talking about any religion or set of beliefs when I talk about the Spiritual Mountain in this context. Mark Divine also calls this mountain the Kokoro Mountain. Kokoro is a Japanese term that means merging of heart and mind into action.

Developing this mountain is about building a connection to your spirit, leading with your heart in service to others, and developing a never quit attitude. It’s where we tap into our 20X factor, which means we are capable of doing 20 times more than we previously thought possible.

Integrated Training

One of the biggest benefits to this type of training is Integration between mountains. What I mean by this is often when we are training one specific mountain we bleed over into other mountains and train those at the same time. Let’s go back to the Physical Mountain.

When training the Physical Mountain we are obviously training the body. I mentioned other areas such as nutrition and sleep on the Physical Mountain, but let’s focus for now on the physical activity itself. The “workout” if you will.

As I said before, my workouts are functional fitness based and they do include Olympic lifts. Many times the workouts include exercises that I don’t know so I have to look them up and learn new exercises. Learning new exercises taps into my Mental Mountain.

I also consciously work to concentrate and control my breath while doing the exercises, and everytime I do a physical training session it pushes me to a point where I have to use The Big 4 of Mental Toughness to complete the training. Concentration, breath control, and the Big 4 all train the Mental Mountain, and when it really gets tough I am tapping into my 20x factor which is the Spiritual or Kokoro Mountain.

Finally, there is the Emotional Mountain component. When I look at a really tough workout on paper fear may begin to creep in. If I have trouble learning a new exercise, anger may show up. Procrastination shows up from time to time. My ego can raise its ugly head if I think I’m really crushing it.

So as you can see I am training four of the five when I train the Physical Mountain. I could give many more examples of integration between mountains but hopefully you are getting the idea.

More to Come

I’ll write more about how to specifically train each mountain in future articles, and I’ll share some of my favorite 5 Mountain training tools. But for now I’m interested to hear your questions and thoughts on 5 Mountain Training! Feel free to reach out to me directly or post your comments and/or questions below!

And be sure to sign up for our free Box Breathing course by entering your name and email on the sidebar. Box Breathing is the foundation of all of our training here at Win In Your Mind Coaching and I would encourage you to get started today!

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