The Slingshot

Yesterday, I spent the day with my daughter and her friend at Carowinds theme park here in Charlotte, NC.

Viv and her friend decided to do “The Slingshot” which you can see from the video below is quite scary! The ride shoots the rider over 300 feet into the air at speeds of up to 60 mph.

While they were waiting to be shot into orbit I noticed my daughter, 13 years old, was doing deep, diaphragmatic breaths through her nose. After the ride I asked her why she was doing that. 

She told me that she learned it from me! My next question was, “if you control your breath”, and she completed my sentence, “I can control my FEAR!”.

I was incredibly proud of her for many reasons in that moment! First of all because she listened; second, because she put what I taught her into practice; and finally because she overcame her fear.

Whether you are on “The Slingshot”, in the boardroom, having a tough conversation, or planning for a physical feat, you too can control your thoughts and emotions by using your breath.  

I’ve created a short e-course on breathing and and controlling your mind.  Simply enter your name and address on the form to the right of this article and I’ll send you the link! Also feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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