These Are People Like Me

I recently wrote an article about Choosing Your Friends Wisely. As it turns out, those you spend the most time with have an influence on your life. In that article I gave you some ways to make new friends by putting yourself in situations where like minded people hang out.

One of the best things I’ve done to put myself around like minded people was to start training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I remember the day I realized I had found a group of people like me.

I have been training now for almost four years. Early on I was having a conversation with one of my training partners. His name is Steve and he’s an accomplished rock climber, scuba instructor, and a full time fireman.

Steve was telling me about running his first 50K and while he was talking I had the thought go through my mind, “these are people like me“. I’ve never run a 50K, I’m not a rock climber, scuba instructor, or fireman. But Steve and I, and many of the people we train with, have the same mindset.

We are all working to get better at our art, and we realize that requires constant learning, practice, humility, and service. We train hard, ask questions, respect our professor and our training partners, and we are all teachers.

What I mean by that is we constantly work to improve, not only ourselves, but also our training partners. If Steve or one of the other people I train with gives me pointers or tells me to do something differently I know he/she is trying to help me improve.

Of course we like to win when we spar, but sometimes there is as much satisfaction in seeing our opponent win or pull off a new technique if it’s something they have been working on.

The beauty of this in my mind is the mindset we take to help us get better at our art carries over and helps us get better at LIFE! The attitude of constant learning, practice, humility, and service carries over into the relationships we have with our businesses or professions, families, and other friends. It also carries over into the other things we do like running a 50K!

I’m using Steve as an example in this case, but I could list at least twenty other names below. Being a part of a community like this makes me want to be better and improve myself at a deep level. That’s the beauty of being surrounded by people with the same mindset!

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