This is Not Your Life

“Your life isn’t margaritas on a beach in Jamaica. That happens now and then. Those are exceptions. Your life is how your wife greets you at the door when you come home every day, cause that’s like 10 minutes a day. Your life is how you treat each other over the breakfast table, ‘cause that’ an hour and a half or an hour every single day. You get those mundane things right, those things you do every day. You concentrate on them and make them pristine. It’s like you got 80% of your life together. These little things that are right in front of us”

Jordan Peterson

I love this quote from Dr. Jordan Peterson. He’s absolutely right! We sometimes think our lives are the fabulous things we do. Trips to Jamaica, making or spending money, acquiring material possessions. But life is about the little things we do everyday that add up over time!

It’s the same with Mental Toughness!

What or who do you think of when I say Mental Toughness? Many think of Navy SEAL’s or elite operators. They have to manage stressful situations that most of us can’t imagine being in. The daily training these men go through puts their lives on the line, not to mention when they get the call to face our enemies. Yet they manage that stress and live to fight another day.

You may think about elite athletes. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps. These men have been on the world’s biggest stages playing for World Championships, Green Jackets, Super Bowls, and Gold Medals. And it’s almost like these guys have ice water flowing through their veins keeping them cool all the way to victory.

But life is not about jumping out of airplanes, shooting bad guys, and competing in a sport at the highest level. These people have families, wives, partners, children, and friends, and the interactions they have with these people are what make up an overwhelming majority of their lives. What good is having the Mental Toughness needed to perform at elite levels if we ruin our relationships and our lives along the way?

The good news is the Mental Toughness skills needed by those who perform at an elite level are transferable, and those same skills can help us deal with everyday life. The same Mental Toughness skills that allow Navy SEAL’s to sleep on the helicopter in-bound to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden are the same skills that will help us have a difficult conversation with our significant other. The same skills needed to take the game winning shot at the buzzer to win the NBA title are the same skills that will keep us cool when our children have pushed our last button and we want to explode.

And those things are our life, right? The small interactions we have on a daily basis added up over time are what define us.

Think you don’t have what it takes? I used to think the same thing but I was wrong. Mental Toughness is a skill that can be taught and trained. I hold regularly scheduled webinars were I teach The Big 4 of Mental Toughness. If you want to learn these skills click here to register and I’ll see you soon!

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