The Two Wolves

One of my favorite stories that applies to life is the story of the Two Wolves. The story goes like this:

There is an old Indian chief talking to his grandson and he tells the boy there are two wolves living in each person and these wolves are in a constant battle for dominance of the individual.

One wolf, the Fear Wolf, who lives in the mind, is very aggressive. He’s out in front latching onto things that cross our path looking for ways to make us fearful and holding us back from living our best life. He tries to dominate our lives and if he goes unchecked he definitely will.

The other wolf, the Courage Wolf, who lives in the heart, is a calmer wolf. He’s docile, calm, gentle, much more loving than his counterpart the Fear Wolf. The courage wolf allows us to life live on our terms by not letting fear dominate.

The grandson listens to the story intently and asks his grandfather, “Grandfather, if the wolves are fighting for dominance, who wins?” to which the grandfather replies, “The one we feed!”.

Which wolf are you feeding? Here at Win In Your Mind we’ll teach you how to feed the Courage Wolf and live a life dominated by Courage and not Fear.

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