Mental Toughness is a Skill

I’ve always been fascinated by Navy SEAL’s.

Like most young boys I wanted to be like my dad. He talked about the Navy being a great experience for him, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He was not a SEAL but somewhere along life’s journey I was introduced to these elite commandos.

I never really wanted to be a SEAL or saw myself as one, but I was really fascinated by the fact that SEAL’s survived the toughest military training on the planet at a rate of only 15% while 85% of candidates quit!

What made these guys persevere? I came to the conclusion that it was strength. The guys that made in through SEAL training were just in better shape than those who failed.

After reading some books about SEAL’s I realized that this is not the case. Olympians, Division One athletes, professional athletes; all among those that didn’t make it, while on the other hand guys who were 115 lbs soaking wet and were horrible swimmers made it. As it turns out it’s not physical strength but MENTAL strength that sets the 15% apart.

I assumed this “Mental Toughness” was something you were either born with or not. I was wrong again! I picked up a book by Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine in 2014 thinking it was probably like the rest of the SEAL books I’d read. BUD/S stories, combat missions, jumping out of planes, blowing stuff up. But this book was different.

In the book, “The Way of the SEAL”, Commander Divine said Mental Toughness was a teachable skill and he was teaching it. I thought if I can learn what he’s teaching, I can use those skills to be better in business, relationships, athletics, and better at life in general. So I read that book and other books by Commander Divine and implemented the practices.

It made such a HUGE impact on my life I jumped at the chance to get certified as an Unbeatable Mind Coach so I could help others with their journey.

If you want to take the next steps to 20X your life and learn how to Win In Your Mind contact me today and let’s get started!

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