David Brady
David BradyExecutive Coach, Mindful Rhino

I have had the pleasure of being part of a mastermind group with Craig over the last year. I have witnessed first hand his unique ability to deal with people from a position of understanding and dignity. I have recognized in Craig a deep craving for knowledge and understanding. Craig seems to me to be a person always pushing to find that next level of improvement for himself and the people around him.

Karen Rowe
Karen RoweAcupuncture Physician Ft. Lauderdale Acupuncture, Inc.

As an Unbeatable Mind Coach, Craig continually demonstrates presence and great skill in helping his clients reach their higher aspirations. He genuinely cares about each person he coaches and supports them in their process of developing focus and concentration to achieve bigger goals. He is caring and conscientious and a truly walks his talk. I highly recommend.

Christopher Gazdik, LCSW
Christopher Gazdik, LCSWPsychotherapist, Podcast Host, Author

Craig is terribly astute with emotions, guidance, and leadership. He has developed a high functioning working relationship with me, a therapist of 25 years or so, to the point that I find myself learning from him all the time. I hear incredibly positive feedback from the clients I serve in therapy saying they find his perspective, on our show, to be highly on point.

Jim Fatic, MBA
Jim Fatic, MBAExecutive Director of The Epworth Project

Craig is an exceptional coach and confidant. He has been a competent and driven partner in business. And, he is one heck of an asset to have in your arsenal.

Additionally, he is one of the few people that I would recommend without constraint. No caveats or footnotes. Craig is the real deal when it comes to self-improvement coaching.

Robert Floyd
Robert FloydOwner, Park Director, Myrtle Beach Big Air Trampoline Park

I have known Craig for 6 months. During that time it has become evident that Craig is extremely passionate about coaching professionals to help them become a better individual by changing their thoughts.

Through his coaching I have recognized that success is a mindset and he has helped to mold my mindset to be "unbeatable". If you are looking to unlock your potential I would highly recommend you get on Craig's calendar to help him put together a plan for you to become a better you.

Amber Russell
Amber RussellEntrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

I have been a part of Craig's mastermind group for over a year. And I can truly, and genuinely say that he's so present. And what I mean by present is when I am talking about a situation, whether it be my personal situation or I'm sharing the story with the group. His perspective that he offers, it's always so enlightening and encouraging.

And the mindset is growth or elevating or just something that is always, of being true to yourself, authentic, being better somehow some way, not just for yourself, but for others.

Personal Coaching

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Business Executive, Athlete, or you are just trying to get to the next level in life the Unbeatable Mind coaches at Win In Your Mind will help get you there. This program teaches you the principles, practices, and concepts you'll need to Win In Your Mind before entering the battlefield of life!

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Personal Coaching

Boat Crews

Boat Crews are groups of 8-12 individuals who come together to learn and grow as a team. We teach you to Win In Your Mind using Unbeatable Mind tools with the support of a group of like-minded individuals. While we all have individual strengths the real power is when we work as a team.

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Boat Crews

The Big 4 Seminar

In the Big 4 of Mental Toughness Seminar we teach the 4 techniques needed to forge Mental Toughness. This is usually an in-person event in a group setting where we teach the tools and techniques then we put them into practice at the end of the event. This is great for teams of any kind including businesses.

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The Big 4 Seminar

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